Stuff that I may like and or need

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Stuff that I may like and or need Empty Stuff that I may like and or need

Post  Yohn on Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:59 am

Hello Secret Santa and friends!

Merry Holidays !!! It's late coming and I'm sure I'll update this when I get to work in the morning but Connie has a gun to my head so I figure I'd give a quick rundown of items I'd like to get for this holiday Very Happy

With the release of FFXIV I've gotten massive nostalgia for my days in FFXI. With that here's a pile of stuff that I've been wanting:

Goblin Cell Phone Strap:

Moogle Plush;

Other Moogle Plush:


Other Realms:
I've always wanted to play Mass Effect and since I'm primarily a console gamer, this Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 would be perfect:

Everyone Knows me as a Sony-whore, so anything from the sony store would pretty much grease my gears from headsets to simple gift cards (that I can apply to my upcoming lenses or TV!)

Oh and if my Secret Santa wants to be super awesome then this jacket would do it:
SuperDry Technical Windcheater (XXL - they tend to run smaller and I'm not small either lol)



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