May the Force be with you [for John]

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May the Force be with you [for John] Empty May the Force be with you [for John]

Post  Yohn on Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:04 am

Hi all! [this is John]

it's been a bit busier this year and finally got done with finals so I can breath again, so welcome Secret Santa and thanks for being so cool! !

Since Ep 7 is coming out this year, figured I'd use Star Wars references as tiers lol

Padawan Lvl:
•Best Buy gift cards are aaaalways welcome~!
•Lego Dimension Fun Pack Kits

Jedi Knight Lvl:
•Recently got a PS Vita and in dire want of a Vita 32Gb memory card
•Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)
•Rick And Morty shirt [size XL]
•[EDIT]: OMG I JUST REMEMBERED: PuyoTetris for PS4!!! XD

Jedi Council Lvl:
•Astro Gaming Backpack
•Black Crumpler 7-Million-Dollar-Home Camera Bag
•White Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Clear your mind: (random misc stuffs)
this year I totally got into Rick and Morty, Legos, Love Live
Fav Movie: Back to the Future
Random note: I feel I identified with Paul Rudd's character in AntMan a little more than I should have
Pop culture or gaming shirts are always a plus for me

(sorry for the short list, today was the deadline and wanted to get this up but I'll elaborate more in the morning!)


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