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Post  withgandana on Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:39 am

I wanted to write out this whole long drawn out skit post but considering today was the deadline (and I've been mega busy!) I'll just get to the goods!

But first a quick thank you!


- a paper on your favorite puyo related item (video game, character, puyo blob). One page. Double spaced. 2 sources. MLA format
- A high 5! Two of them!

Real mode

-A gift card to target or best buy!
- SNES Controllers! (For SNES USE)
-Anything Aikatsu related!
- Anything Puyo related!
- USA PSN prepaid card

- PC Speakers!
- JP itunes/psn prepaid cards!

Hahahah yeah right mode

-a trip to Japan for two weeks!
- A puyo puyo quest machine!
- A way to control time and space using my mind.

Thank you so much and well, man. I had such a story in store. It had lasers, explosions, fluffy animals and most importantly puyo. Sigh. Oh well. If I wasn't such a busy adult I'll write it out some other time.

To my secret santa, thank you for being my secret santa. Oh and also, I'm sorry that you're my secret santa cause your browser history will be full of puyo I'm sorry.


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