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Post  NUMGUS on Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:44 am

I don't know what i want!! can't think of anything!!! UMMMm merry christmas!
I have everything i ever wanted, you guys <3. I don't say it often or enough or even ever. I'll probably be too teary if i did. (Gotta keep my street cred) Anyways, thank you for being my friend all these years. I love every one of you guys. I'm excited and look SUPER forward for all the upcoming events and hang out with you guys. I am really really happy to know people like you and to have been together for so long. ;_; I'm sorry if i haven't been a good enough friends for past few years. Since work and marriage has been taken up so much of my time.  
Love ya'll!

ANYWAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS and here is my list! <3 Guess which one is paul's. And thank you!
1. a sweater (maybe knitted)
2. a Hug
3. lonewolf barrel 40-9 Glock 23 ported
4. knife with wooden handle Link 1 Link 2
5. a Pair of Converse Size 6
6. regular razor for my armpit.
7. KeySmart or Orbitkey (leather)
8. 3/4 motorcycle helmet with bubble shield/vazor. http://revivalcycles.com/products/bell-3-snap-deluxe-bubble-shield


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