Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream

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Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream Empty Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream

Post  vincenttam on Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:43 am

Ohh Heru, I like ah dis chrssmus giftu this year. It make ah peopoh vrie vrie happeh. Letsu get this shu on des ah road. AHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William got me a ps3 but i have no TV =(. I don't need a tv but some duel ear head phones would be nice. Your choice on what brand 8D, its apprently more luving that way.

I'd like some gym clothes =(, I've been searching and searching and they only make pink ranger tank tops for chicks. A bit sexist dont cha think??

Best a.d.d thing EVER

<== i dont want one but just saying.
Because every asian keeps tissue paper in their car.

~~>(0.14) <~~

Star craft II ( aha i still havent played it... or touched my my trial from 2010 blizzon)
Call of duty" Black Ops 2 (its old but i never got it 8D)
Call of Duty: Ghosts (not into the multiplayer anymore but the stories always aweshum)
Bioshock infinite (i probably won't be closterfobic in this one!!)
State of Decay (doooood, too bad this isn't online but still doood) Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream Prinny-ftw

Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream PS3-Logo
Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream INJUSTICE_1 FIGURE IT OUT
WWE 2K14 ( i bought 13 and played it for an hour YEA!!)

Amazon gift cards and other gift cards are cool.

And i need a new lock for my locker at the gym. My current one sucks so bad you can just pull it and it will break. Don't tell anyone shh

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Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream Empty Re: Because #2013 #yolo #swag is to mainstream

Post  Conn0rz on Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:41 am

That sakuracon commercial all I hear is "GAY MEN"


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