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Post  oiyothisissusan on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:33 am


in the end i got a pet dragon already. i just need to teach him how to breathe fire. the best he can do right now is poop on a person. oh well, close enough. progress is progress.


asterisks denote uber want/need:

for me
1. a sleeve for my s2. this is only because they do not make any good gawsh-darn cases (non-chunky, minimalist, won't dirty, and protective) for my phone. -flips phone-
in tan or black - http://www.lucrin.co.uk/case-for-samsung-galaxy-s2-p-2118.htm#tab1

2. stuff for packing. if you guys see how i fold some of my clothes, you will understand how this will help lol XD
for shirts - in black - http://www.rei.com/product/796369/eagle-creek-pack-it-folder-18
for others - in black - http://www.rei.com/product/796365/eagle-creek-pack-it-2-sided-cube

3. warm sweater! i have been obsessing over UNIQLO stuff since their line of basics are awesome. especially their deal on this super soft wool sweater
XS in off-white or beige - http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/made-for-all/women-soft-lambswool-v-neck-sweater/072786-71

4. UNIQLO giftcard. can't go wrong. i'll buy almost everything in every color. maybe this isn't even a good idea because of that lol.

5. lube. i need a lot of lube. like 5.2 oz of it. this is good lube. i have a traveling size already, but i want more. because i need it. can't be dry and cracking in the winter.
5.2 fl oz lube - http://usa.loccitane.com/shea-butter-hand-cream,82,1,29193,261659.htm

6. to go with the lube.
polaroid film - http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/film/600/fi_600_1_px680_bp_mum#p1

**7. SHOES. i have been wanting the jeffrey campbell pair but those cost $175 (wtf). these are really accurate look-alikes and are on sale now.
laced wedge bootie, size 7 in black or red (OR BOTH ZOMG) - http://www.gojane.com/66422-shoes-lace-up-wedge-bootie.html

8. a pair of non-enlarging eyes. i think i'm kind of over the enlarging phase. i am happy with my size. that is what i said. WOOOO! now i want to try semi-natural colors?
grey eyes in (0.00, 0.00) - http://www.lensvillage.com/geo-tri-color-grey-lens-cm-901-berry-chessy/

**9. Ukulele. I want to have musical talent.

for my guard dragon and me
*10. a larger tank for Talon. dragons (yes i know he's a bearded dragon = lizard, but the word DRAGON is in the name, so he's a dragon!) apparently grow fast, and so within a year i will need to give him a new tank. his current tank is 11 gallons (20in x 10in x 13in) so i'll need something bigger..so maybe a 20 or 25 gallon tank? not too sure what's a good size (TALON WILL BE HUMAN SIZE SO I CAN SIT ON HIM AND HE CAN TAKE ME INTO THE SUNSET AS A UNICORN FLIES ABOVE US AND A RAINBOW FOLLOWS AS THE PORTAL TO THE NETHERWORLD OPENS). used tanks are fine, as long as there is a mesh wire lid.

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