all i want for christmas is 2d

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all i want for christmas is 2d Empty all i want for christmas is 2d

Post  rayna on Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:36 am

hello secret santas, here is my list for you to see into the mind of a rainer:

1. an itabag because i like 2ds in black

2. a psvita 32gb or 64gb memory card (i'm sorry, this is $$$ :[ )

3. a nintendo eshop gift card or any of the following games: nintendogs+ cats (any breeds as long as they're cute!!!!), monster hunter stories

4. screen protector sticker for the new nintendo 3ds xl (for top and bottom screen please) or for ps vita

5. psn card or psvita games: collar x malice, or bad apple wars or period cube

6. the mcdonalds honey mustard sauce they used to use for the chicken nuggets

aaahhh thank you, thank you Basketball Basketball Basketball


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